Standards Compliant Web Design
Yes, we can fix underperforming websites!

Did you decide make your own website using one of the online platforms?
Are you paying every month for something you thought would be free?
Is your website underperforming or glitching on various browsers or devices?

We can fix all of that! But, why pick us and what what sets us apart? Why should you pay someone like us when you or you, or your uncle or friend, can do it cheaper or for free? Let's talk about Standards Compliant Web Design and why it matters.

  • Your website should be consistent when viewed on ALL major browsers. Validation is a debugging tool - 'buggy code' can give surprising and unwanted results on various platforms. We custom code using technology appropriate to your site's needs and ensure that all code validates without errors. Our code is as lean and clean.
  • Validation makes Maintenance Painless! With Standards Compliant Code, your site maintenance can be easily performed by any trained web developer, even if they have never seen the site before
  • Standards Compliance makes it easier for persons with disabilities to use your website. Screenreaders, voicebrowsers and braille browsers have great difficulty with poorly designed and ill-coded sites. Stylesheets, external JavaScript files and tables only for tabular data make their jobs a lot easier.
  • A Standards Compliant site is more easily read and indexed by search engines - a search engine or spider will often stop indexing your page if it encounters errors or inline JavaScript
  • A Standards Compliant site will be indexed for mobile devices. As of April 21, 2015, Google stopped indexing sites on mobile devices which were not mobile friendly.
  • The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has a free validation tool for checking CSS and HTML coding. Want to see how your current site does? Check out your site's coding here!
  • SEO - a clean, well designed site with relevant content is automatically optimized for search engines. Want to check out how your site rates for performance, Accessibility, Best Practices & SEO? Here is the Web Dev Free tool to check.
  • Want to read more about Web Standards? Check-out W3 Org's Standards

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