Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) is software which is used to create, manage and modify a website. With a CMS, you can create your own content and update your site whenever you like.

A CMS can also be very useful for a business, club or organization which needs to give information to specific people, privately. With a member's only login you can choose which information you give to the public and which goes just to employees or members.

Not everyone needs a CMS. Perhaps your website does not change often OR you prefer someone else to maintain and update it. No problem. We can provide a static, custom coded site for you. But, if you update your pictures or content regularly, sell directly from your website, or manage a group, a CMS is what you need. Keep in mind that we also offer updates and maintenance on a CMS if you prefer.

Is there more than one type of CMS? Yes, there are hundreds of options and each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preference and the nature of your business. Two which I often recommend are:

  • Drupal
    • It is scalable so perfect for powering more complex projects but also suitable for small ones
    • It is used for Government Sites in many countries (click here to see the surprisingly long list) as well as a multitude of universities and businesses
    • It is a secure platform, open-source and actively maintained and improved
  • WordPress
    • WordPress powers over 1/3 of the Internet
    • It is open-source and actively maintained
    • It is simple to learn and use and is SEO friendly
    • It is great for websites containing blogs, photos, e-commerce and more

We will spend time, up front, getting to know you and your business because it is important to us that your website is the perfect fit for you

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